As we let the light enter the aperture, very often the camera and lens give us gifts.

These are the gifts that have been given to me. We can sometimes see into the souls of the subjects, and for sure into our own.
I hope that you will enjoy, find joy, and find a bit of your soul, and for sure some of mine.

© Jane  Burns PhotoID# 910104: Sweet Ride Abstracts        slide show (16)
Perhaps my favorite! Too fun to see things that "aren't there". I think that is the most creative process in playing with light!

© Jane  Burns PhotoID# 14012698: I Think I Will Sit Awhile Beach        slide show (7)
I walk the beach at sunrise many mornings, and these are the gifts I get from "the most beautiful beach".

© Jane  Burns PhotoID# 5240085: Bo-Kaap Kolors Design        slide show (15)
Elements of design

© Jane  Burns PhotoID# 11757603: Precious Faces        slide show (6)
Make up your own story about these faces!

© Jane  Burns PhotoID# 910104: Sweet Ride Jane's Favs        slide show (26)

© Jane  Burns PhotoID# 13705297: Sticking Your Neck Out Nature        slide show (42)
I always say that we are just lucky to have been in the right place at the right time for nature to give us gifts through the lens. Here are some of those gifts.

© Jane  Burns PhotoID# 14011416: Still Standing Paddling        slide show (2)
We are fortunate to have lots of places to paddle rivers, streams, and open waters here in the Panhandle. Paddling with friends is one of my favorite things!!

© Jane  Burns PhotoID# 742658: Night Bike Square Pegs        slide show (21)
Some things just don't fit!!

© Jane  Burns PhotoID# 13911671: The Wheel Travel        slide show (28)
So fortunate to see many place on our beautiful planet! Hope you enjoy!

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